Is Tulid for canning?

  • No, Tulid is not designed for canning.

What is the removable rubber gasket for?

  • The removable gasket is made of food grade silicone. It ensures that your contents are secured in the jar without any chance of leaks. Tulid can also function even without the silicone gasket in place.

Is Tulid leak-proof?

  • Tulid was carefully engineered so no liquids can leak once screwed on tightly.

Is Tulid dishwasher safe?

  • Although it is dishwasher safe (top rack only), we suggest hand washing to maintain the condition of the rubber grip.

What type of jars is Tulid compatible with?

  • Tulid is completely compatible with Ball and Kerr mason jars.

Are the materials used in Tulid BPA-Free?

  • Absolutely.

Can Tulid be used without the gasket?

  • Absolutely. We’ve designed the lid to fit perfectly even without the silicone gasket.


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